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The Half-Life Collab ANNOUNCEMENT

Posted by TerrorByte - July 5th, 2020

HELLO, and welcome to the Half-Life animation Collab! This is the very first collab that I have ever hosted, and hopefully it won't be the last. This collab will be focused around the animator's portrayal of famous scenes from all 19 chapters from the first Half-Life game.



  1. NEEDS TO BE ANIMATED, no animatics, no sliding pictures, none of that. I'm totally fine with having different styles of animation, as long as there's clear movement.
  2. The Animations should (for the most part.) stick with Gordon's perspective.
  3. No excessive gore, or pornographic content. while I would like for the collab to be open for more mature content , I don't want straight up porn, or anything that would turn the M to an A.
  4. Animations can be around 30 secs, up to 2 mins. (If you really want to challenge yourself.)

Joining the collab


If you want to enter the collab, please DM me, and make sure to put in the subject bar: "HL Collab." so that I know that you want to join.

I want your Newgrounds link, and link me some of your best work for review, I'm not going to be picky, I just want an idea of your work.

Due Date, and Checkup dates


The Due- Date for the collab is on November the 8th, if you need anymore time on your submission, don't be afraid to DM me.

The checkup dates will be at the end of each month. (the 29th) until November. I will give you 10 days to respond over Discord or NG. if you fail to respond, then you're out of the collab, and someone else will take your place.

That's really all that I wanted to talk about. Later today, I'll create a Collab E-Mail for easier communication.

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask.

Thanks, and have fun!

Link to the HL Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zvKbeaD



Comments (14)

I'd assume if the due date is the 8th, the intended upload date is the 19th. The 22th anniversary of the game. :3


can i send artwork?? :(

oh my god . your the next gabe . ill join

Boi i'm hyped for this collab, maybe in the future you could make another one!

Have to see how this one goes first. ?

i want to join!

holy craap!

Hey everyone. I know its an animation colab but if anyone would like a voice I'd be happy to help. Check out my demos on my profile.

My drawing skill is shit

@SirKaotik hey it's me can you please explain to what half life is?. Does it include Artists or animators

@YahayaYahaya Half-Life is a game created by Valve in 1998

It was one of the first games to have wasd keys as default

@SirKaotik ok

Freeman's Mind on Heroin?

Most likely

A great idea! Hope it turns out good!

@SirKaotik Lmao same, but everyone started at something,just draw a lot and try new things,watch tutorials and you go, hope to see you get better!